The new Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology paint protection, the finest and the most effective paint protection in Australia today is available from 1st July 2010.
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Rust-Gard is a scientifically proven electronic corrosion prevention system, designed specifically for today's cars, 4WD's and SUV's. The installation and correction operation of Rust-Gard will reduce the occurrence of corrosion in and on automobile sheet metal.
Rust-Gard uses a Patent Pending method of operation called Pulsed Current design. The active principle that delivers Rust-Gard's impressive results is a high-frequency impressed direct current charge to the entire automobile's metal frame work and surface. Once installed Rust-Gard delivers this charge many times a second for a pro-determined period of time, forming a protective coating of excess electrons. It is this coating which lessens the destructive oxidation and corrosion of your cars metals.

Each automobile today has approximately 3,000 welds that unite the metal fabrication together. Welds and their immediate vicinity are the areas most vulnerable - and are the areas hardest to protect with conventional rust-proofing treatments. Electronic Rust Protection is the only practical method to protect all the continuous metal throughout your car, including the inner cavities.
Through innovative design, Electronic Rust Protection works especially well in humid and harsh environments - the times when your automobile will need it most. Electronic Rust Protection has been manufactured to reduce rust and corrosion from both the outside and inside of your car.

Rust is the result of the corrosion of iron and stool. Iron is produced from iron ore. Iron is created by heating iron ore and steel is produced by combining iron ore, carbon and other selected metal alloys. Iron has a tendency to return to its natural form of iron oxide or rust.
To understand how rust is created, a comparison to the chemical reaction in a battery makes it easier to understand:
In a battery, there is a carbon rod in the center which is called the cathode. It is surrounded by a zinc case called the anode. When a wire is connected to the outside of the battery through the two terminals, current flows between two metals through an electrolyte (electricity conducting paste). Not only does current flow from the zinc case to the carbon pole, but Iso particles of zinc are eaten away (corroded) and deposited on the carbon pole, through molecular movement. A similar occurrence happens on your cars metal surfaces, here miniature "batteries" are formed all over by:

  1.  Two different metals near or touching one another, including seam welds.

  2. Impurities on a sheet of metal causing localized areas of differing electrical potentials all over the surface of the sheet metal.

  3. Different concentrations of oxygen over areas of the same metal, causing localized areas of differing electrical potentials all over the surface.

In order for "batteries" to operate they must have an electrolyte. Water is a suitable electrolyte - even humid air will work. If the moisture contains acids (usually from air pollution or salt from the ocean or mad) the electrolyte conducts electricity very efficiently, speeding I he corrosion process. An automobile is exposed to these conditions through:

  • Rain and snow

  • Humid or Salt Laden Air

  • Condensation

  • Pockets of dirt that hold moisture from the rain or snow

Rust-Gard uses a microprocessor controlled circuit to generate a negative electrical charge to your cars grounded body panels which in turn inhibits the forming of rust.

Unlike conventional rust-proofing that is sprayed onto the underbody of your car, Electronic Rust Protection protects all continuous metal panels throughout the car. Rust-Gard is particularly effective in reducing rust and corrosion formed when the underbody of your car receives nicks and cuts to the vehicle manufacturers own body sealant, during the course of its normal life.

A properly cared for car with no rust will achieve a far higher resale or lease-end value than a well-cared for car that exhibits signs of rust. Your vehicle is typically your second highest life investment.

Electronic Rust Protection with Rust-Gard? offers significant advantages including:
? Superior warranty coverage
? A clean and efficient way to protect your investment
? Totally safe and environmentally friendly
? Protects areas that conventional type products
can never reach
? No touch-ups or annual re-application required
? Protects the re-sale or lease-end value of your vehicle
? Warranty coverage above and beyond factory guarantee
? Transferable to next vehicle
? Designed specifically for motor vehicles



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