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No damage to front bumper after hitting a wall

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Duco Scratch provides a complete paint protection solution for your vehicle by minimising the maintenance of your vehicle and maximizing the value and enjoyment of owning the vehicle.
The foundation of our business is to offer paint protection against colour fading, UV protection, birds deposits, insects, sea salt, stone chips, scratches, etc.

Duco Scratch offer paint protection solutions either through professional application or as DIY kits

Ceramic Polymer Paint Protection

A new form of the most effective and ECO FRIENDLY paint protection available today to give your car, motorcycle, boat or plane the glossy finish and durable benefits that come with Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology. This revolutionary Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology paint protection creates an almost self-cleaning surface that usually only requires water and a chamois needed to maintain the spotlessness of the vehicle.

Interior Protection

Leather and Vinyl protection help to blocks out UV rays and protects natural qualities of leather and vinyl and it forms a barrier against all liquids and contaminants, therefore preserves resale value of new cars and improves resale value of used cars.
Fabric and Carpets protection forms barrier against all liquids and contaminants allowing spills to be removed using a cloth or towel and will maintains natural softness of fabric and carpets, therefore preserves resale value of new cars and improves resale value of used cars.

Paint Protection Film - Clear Car Bra

Urethane paint protection film is primarily for use on vulnerable leading surfaces, and areas of likely contact, such as bonnets, fenders, edges of doors, bumpers, side mirrors, rocker panels and on any areas of likely contact.

Electronic Rust Protection - Rust-Gard

Rust-Gard is a scientifically proven electronic corrosion prevention system, designed specifically for today's cars, 4WD's and SUV's. The installation and correction operation of Rust-Gard will reduce the occurrence of corrosion in and on automobile sheet metal ...
We are positive that you will enjoy using our high quality products and services and will be amazed by the results.
Duco Scratch is committed to provide superior customer service, products and technical assistance whenever possible; we truly value your business.

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