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No damage to front bumper after hitting a wall


Hi Merrick,
First of all I just wanted to say BIG thank you for all the attention that you gave to me and my car for the past 1.5 years also the attention to details and excellent workmanship in applying the protection film and paint protection products.

I've approached Merrick more than a year ago after I've done a lot of research about paint protection products for my car since I'm driving it all over Brisbane as my mobile office. I had a black car before and it really broke my heart every time I wash it because the amount of stone chips kept increasing, so this time I wanted to put some protection for my new car to keep the paint as pristine as possible.

Folks, if Merrick didn't show me where he applied the film on the car I wouldn't notice it that it was there and he have my thanks again since it's not an easy job to do it on this type of car that he hasn't done before. I couldn't believe on how easy to maintain it on the long run, no need to waxWRX - damage on front bumper bar and polish it, just wash it regularly :) to keep that beautiful gloss finish all the time. No more stone chip marks, even if there's a fair size of stone flying to the bonnet it'll just hit the film and won't scratch the paint underneath it, it really gave me that peace of mind while driving I can tell you this much based on my own experience.

And then an unexpectable event happened, because lack of sleep and concentration I hit a pillar on
the right hand front bumper when pulling out from a car park, I was devastated and the repair bill cost already creeping to my mind. I totally forgot that I've still have the protective film on, so I've pulled over and jumped out of the car to check the damage, although it looked bad and there's a possibility of damaging the paint underneath the film, I've tried to be positive and call Merrick to arrange a repair. WRX - PPF damaged but front bumper bar without a scratch

On the day of repair Merrick pulled the damaged film while I'm standing beside him and I couldn't believe my eyes folks, no scratch mark on the paint, it's still looks new, I've run
my fingers on the damaged area and it still felt like a baby skin, very smooth as if I've never done any damage to it. I pretty sure Merrick has done a lot of repairs like this but he still couldn't shake the amazement off on how good the film has done the job to protect anything underneath it. Imagine how much time and money that I have to spend if I don't have this protection film, so for all the car and bike lovers out there this is probably the product that you'll always wanted to keep your pride and joy shinny and protected all the time.

Willy Yusuf (The Happy owner of MY11 WRX)

Hi Merrick,
i have to tell you, i have applied the “ nano ceramic polymer” 5 year protection kits to both my car ,2011 HSV E3 R8 and the wife's 2011 HOLDEN CD CRUZE 2 weeks ago and as you know from past emails to you i was quite a bit apprehensive as to the product finish as it did not conform to any previously car care product i have used [and i have used a lot], THIS STUFF IS GOOD. the HSV is a large car and took me about 5 hrs to do the full application [same with the cruze] very time consuming but at the end of the day the end result was well worth it, washed the HSV R8 today, [it had 2 weeks of road grime and a few days of wet weather as well], and i have to say, AMAZING, i used what was left over of the “car wash” concentrate from the kit, hosed it off and chamois it off [i use a synthetic chamois] and it looked like glass, no polish,no hard work, great, the chamois even gave a squeaky sound as it was wiped over drying areas and was “squeaky clean” when i finish [ red looks great], the wife car is in “voodo blue” and that looks great too. i can totally recommend this product to any one who wants to apply it themselves [but go by the booklet] its not the cheapest and its not the quickest to apply but the end result and on going benefit's are well worth it. merrick, many thanks,
kind regards;
steve troman [melbourne]

Hi Merrick,
Further to my order dated 15 February I am very pleased to advise that after several e-mails from your company advising me of the orders progress I received the kit on 17 February and took delivery of the new vehicle the following day Friday 18 February. The very prompt and professional manner in which you dealt with the order enabled me to spend the entire 19 February applying the the protector kit to the vehicle duco following your simple instructions provided with the kit. The end product was most satisfying and left me with a beautifully finished car. At the time of application the car only had 13km's on the odometer. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all that you have done.

Brian A Kavanagh

Dear Merrick

Thank you for the quality workmanship and attention to detail that you have shown in applying the Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology paint protection to my Audi RS6.
Audi RS6 protected with Ceramic Polymer Sealant
I am very impressed with the extremely low maintenance required to maintain a brilliant shine on the duco of my car due to the almost self-cleaning ability of the paint treated with the ceramic paint protection.

As with my previous cars you have treated, I will recommend your service and the Ceramic Polymer Nanotechnology paint protection to anyone.

Dr Mark Craig

Hi Merrick,
Thanks for the nice job you did on my Ducati fairings.  They look  great!  I will recommend your film kits to all who is interested. 
Cheers, Tony

Just a quick one to say thanks for providing such good service with my order. My item was received first thing this morning.
That was fast!!!!  
Very much appreciated!!!  



Hey guys,
Just installed the kit onto my motorcycle and it looks great.
Thanks for a great product and great customer service!
Ramon A. Bostic

Morning Merrick,
Karen and I would Like to say a big thank you to you for the quality workmanship and attention to detail that you have shown in applying the Duco Scratch Product to our Honda CBR1000RR and the Shoei Helmets on the weekend.
We have taken the bikes for a good ride on Sunday and once home used the spray and we are very happy with the product, well worth the investment.
Once again please accept our thanks and we will be defiantly recommending your product to family and friends.


Nathan Tukuafu

Cape York Adventure

Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the bonnet, headlights, grill and top of roofIn July 2007 I approached Duco Scratch to install protective film on my new Discovery 3 vehicle. I requested coverage over all body panels that would be vulnerable to stone damage or scratching when driving along outback roads and overgrown 4WD tracks. At the time this was the largest protective film job attempted by Duco Scratch Despite the complexity and size of the project, (full story)...

Discovery 3 ready

Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the vehicle sides including C and D pillars Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the vehicle sides including C and D pillars

Rear Window and Brakes protected

Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the rear window and brake lightsRear window and brakes are protected with the 0.30mm paint protection film against the stones and rocks bouncing from a trailer.

Side protection of Discovery 3

Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the vehicle sides including C and D pillars Both sides of the vehicle are protected with the 0.15mm paint protection film against the scratches from the branches and bushes.

Brolga pusher propeller

Brolga pusher propeller Originally I used Duco Scratch to install protective film on my new Discovery 3 vehicle shortly before I travelled 9,000kms throughout Cape York and the remote areas of North Queensland. The vehicle returned in excellent condition without scratches and stone chips.

Brolga pusher propeller

Discovery 3 after we applied the film on the vehicle sides including C and D pillars After this experience I was interested to see if this film would solve a problem I was having with stones chipping the three bladed Brolga pusher propeller on my gyroplane. Stone damage had increased significantly as the drought reduced the grass cover on landing strips and before applying the film I was getting stone damage after every flight. (full story)...

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