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Mountain bike kit – small (0.2mm PPF)


Mountain bike kit – small (0.2mm PPF)
2 pieces 600mm x 100mm
2 pieces 600mm x 50mm
Kit comes complete with full instructions.
Price: AU$ 39.00 (AU$ 42.90 Inc. GST)



Cut on computer controlled device. Kit contains set of instructions and squeegee for easy installation. Duco Scratch Paint Protection film is a nearly invisible. You have to be close to the vehicle, and look hard, to see this film. It protects paint or headlights from stone chips, insects, small scratches, and the wear-and-tear sand-blasting effect from years of driving. It is elastic high gloss clear coat and flexible adhesive for ease of application. Superior clarity, excellent scratch and stain resistance and offering self-healing properties. Paint protection film is semi-permanently installed, similarly to window tint. We use both 3M Scotchgard Pro Series and Premium films and they require no special maintenance. Should the need arise, or when the film is damaged, it can be replaced. And you can wax it along with the rest of your vehicle/ bike, minimizing bug and sap stains and easing stain removal.


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